Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Brainstorming Ideas

Today my group brainstormed initial ideas we are thinking about using for our clip. At first, Megi suggested that we should do a horror movie revolving around school children who are a group of friends. We all initially liked the idea and thought we could incorporate a serial killer who could killl each of the friends indiviually as they have a day out in the park/woods.  The friends would be together on an outing in the park where they are being watched by a serial killer behind trees. Before he kills them, they each receive an anonymous phonecall which leads them on their own into the woods and then the serial killer would catch them. We considered the mise-en-scene and the advantages and disadvantages of this idea before we made any final decisions. Below is a picture of my brainstorm that I made.

We then thought that this idea may be too complex and explored other suggestions so that we were open to options. Another idea we had kept to the horror genre and school theme, except this time I suggested that we have a teacher who is the serial killer. I proposed the idea that the teacher had a physcological problem which resulted in him developing a vendetta against all school children. The teacher would supposedly have an obsession with pupils in his school and so would pursue them to kill them. We then thought that the teacher could be a teacher in a religious school and thus deliberately picked out students who he believed to be sinning. Here is a picture of my brainstorm:

The narrative/treatment would start with the dead body of a girl on the table in his basement with a pan across to the teacher who is praying to God after the act he just committed saying that "I will forever be your slave". The teacher would then go up to his living room where his table is surrounded by student's profiles. Out of frustration and anger at the girl, the teacher would cross the victim's profile and photograph of whom he has just killed and would there would be a profile next to it of his next victim suggesting he/she was next. The clip would then end with a news report on the TV informing the public about the missing girl he has just killed. The rest of the film would be his development onto further victims, which eventually leads to him being found out and arrested. We decided to stick to this idea and will now consider the mise-en-scene. Below is a picture of my brainstorm.

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