Monday, 11 April 2011

Editing Process

Today we started to edit our sequence. We didn't find it hard to do as were are all already familiar with Adobe Premiere, so therefore we imported the clips and distinguished between them by erasing footage we didn't need and keeping the ones we did. We then started to construct the footage according to the time scale that they were  to play in. It was hard at first because we had to cut between clips and establish where we would like to incorporate our flashbacks.

However, we then sorted the order out and changed the flashback scenes to black and white to signify that they were flashbacks for the audience. So far we've managed to arrange the clips in order and have managed to edit about 1 minute already. Overall, we were very pleased with what we'd filmed and with the fact that we'd recorded a variety of shots. One shot in particular that I like, is the high-angle show which looks down on Megi as though her abuser has cameras in his basement and is observing her so that she doesn't break free.  We will meet up again on Wednesday to finish it off.

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