Friday, 18 March 2011

Audience Expectations

When watching a specifically a horror movie, the audience expect something more then what you see in everyday horro movies like saw which is basically gore and grotesque they want a  unique and new experience which modern horro movies hardly provide anymore.

The image below is basically one of the questionnaires a person has taken to show what he expects personally from a horror movie. As can be seen suspense is one of the main themes in a horror movie for him and most people expect to be shocked and experience scary feelings, otherwise they havent experienced the whole horror movie concept. Human threats interests this specific person in also watching a horror movie. So a horror movie has to be all rounded to suit most people expectations of a horror movie in todays world.

These are a few of the responses people gave when asked what their expectations were of a horror movie:
1.) Well killings of course. But i like twists. I like to think one thing is going to happen for sure, but then be tottaly wrong at the end.

2.) Well, special effects are important but, for me – I like those that are visually scary and have a good story line to them. The ones that are just a bunch of blood and guts bore me to death.

3.)I *hope* that the movie would have a scary looking dude/monster, blood, a good story line, a sad scene, and.. that’s basically it!
Something like “Pumpkin Head”, or “Haunted in Connecticut”, or “The Messengers”! They were scary!!
Ooo! Good horror movies have to have zombie type of things in them. Or Paranormal things, like weird dead looking ghosts, or dead looking kids… now thats scary!!

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