Friday, 18 March 2011

Still Frame Analysis

5 still framed pictures, analyse the mise-en-scene within them. from the same genre.
Psychomania Opening Credits
This is a scene from the opening credits of Psychomnia, a horror movie. An extreme eye-level shot displays this grave-yard scene, the scene is very smoky which can connote a suspicous atmosphere as they might not want some things to be seen. A dark cloud is seen above the grave-yard, dark colours like black and grey have am evil, negative connotation along with spiritual symbolisation. The image has a very dark contrast which is a stereotypical convention of a horror movie scene.

Friday The 13 Part III Opening Credits
This horror opening sequence from the movie 'Friday The 13 Part III' displays the more sinister representation of a horror movie, most of the screen consists of pitch black, the centre of the image shows a male head, giving off a grotesque bizzare sense of whats going on, the shot zooms into the head which created suspicion to what the head symbolises. This shot is made to show that is does not use any digital technology to use light within the image, the light used is from the candles and a beam of light coming from the back. 
Freddy vs Jason Opening Credits
This horror movie is abit different to the ones analysed above, it consists of way more movement unlike the two above which are very still and not much activity is present, this shots mise-en-scene challenges sterortypes of horror movies. (As most horror movies are slow but have grotesque content and the sound and atmosphere makes the story) however looking at the shot above it may seem to look like an action/thrillr movie however the only aspect holding us back from thinking that is the dark contrast and the gloomy colours used within the image above.
Day Of The Dead (1985) George A Romero Opening Credits.
This image again differs from the rest of the images previously analysed, th mise-en-scene consists of more light. The scene is very stereotypical of a horror scene in some ways in the sensethat the scene does not consist of much activity, it is slow in order to awake suspicion. This sense of isolation and closed environment around the individual allows us to acknowledge the person is suffering and they are trying to get away from something (this something could be the horror element of the movies opening sequence) or something unusual is taking place. The pure white mise-en-scene is used to connote strength and bluntness.  

Jason X 1 Opening Credits
This opening sequence from the movie Jason X 1 features a very revoluntionary opening scene. What we seem to see is probably an explosion or some sort of an invasion or landing. It is not clear from the image above what exactly it is. The image is not very clear, there is alot going on, however the colours used within the scene are very connotive of negativity. The black would represent evil, bad and darkness whilst the mouldy colour represents dullness and something prevading the scene. This scene in itself consists of alot of elements.
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