Sunday, 20 March 2011

Final Idea and Treatment

We decided that our final idea would be of a teacher who has pyschological issues due to his past experiences to which he seeks revenge on innocent school children. As a result of being abused by his teacher when he was younger, he develops a vendetta against students and abuses them as a way of gaining retribution. Our opening sequence will consist of a young girl who has been tortured and tied up to a chair as a result of the abuse she has suffered at the hands of her teacher. We will also incorporate flashbacks of the girl showing her journey to school before she gets abused. 

The treatment will start off with the girl waking up after being abused as she was left unconscious as a result of being hit in the head by her teacher, the abuser. We will then show a flashback of her getting ready for school in the toilet by putting her tie for her uniform on and doing her hair. After this we will then go back to the present of the girl tied up in the chair and show her bruises/cuts on her arm which she panics after seeing. These serve to convey how she has been physically abused. Another flashback will then be shown, showing her journey of walking to school whilst she is talking on the phone, smiling and laughing displaying how she is content and happy. Again, we will return back to the present where the camera looks down on her from a high-angle, whilst she is sitting tied up in her chair and looking around, as if she is being watched by her torturer. The last flashback will then be shown of her entering the gates of the reception of her school as she arrives at her destination. We then return back to the present where there is a pan of the girl sitting in the chair before her abuser arrives, takes the gaffa tape off her mouth and says "Now, where was I?" in a sinister, deliberate way as he prepares to finish where he left off.

There is some unresolved feeling as we are left with a cliffhanger because we assume that the abuser will kill her and eventually pursue further victims. As Megi, the girl who plays the victim, is dressed in a school uniform and arrives at school, we come to believe that her abuser is seeking students as his victims. Henceforth, the rest of the film will go on to show this.

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