Sunday, 20 March 2011

Props We Require

Now that we have decided on our treatment, I am going to conduct some research into the types of props that we will require for our mise-en-scene. Choosing props is very important as they are what makes your mise-en-scene look authentic for the audience.


We will need to find some source of material that we can make look like fake blood. Due to the fact that we don't have a budget to work with, we will have to ask the Art department in school for permission to use some of their ink water paints. These will look more authentic on Megi and will give a better effect for the audience rather than having just red paint.

Gaffa Tape:

We will also require some gaffa tape for Megi to show that she has been kidnapped. It will look similar to the woman in the picture on the right. However, we are thinking about using black gaffa tape as black has connotations of evil and sinister so therefore it instigates questions about Megi's abuser and the intentions that he/she has.


We will also need some thick rope to tie Megi to the chair. It has to be thick to show that she is tied very tightly to the chair and secure so that she cannot break free from her abuser who has left her in this condition. It will show the struggle that is created as she tries to break free when she wakes up from being unconscious. However, we may have a struggle trying to find rope so we considered an alternative by using Megi's own scarf that she will wear to school on the day in the film to tie her up. The scarf however will not be as secure so will therefore not look professional for the audience as Megi will easily be able to break free, so therefore we will have to consider other options.


Initially, we would like to use a standard chair like the one in the image on the left as it very plain and shows that the abuser has kept Megi within an old, neglected basement. By using props like this, it says a lot of about her abuser and thus creates questions and suspense for the audience. The image on the right gives you an initial idea of what we hope to achieve. However, finding a chair of this standard would be quite hard to do so therefore we will ask the Drama department about what props they have available and whether we could use them.


We will need Megi to wear a full school uniform like the girl in the picture above, completed by a blazer, blouse and trousers. This is to show that Megi is a normal school girl who is on her way to school and gets kidnapped. Her blouse will later be of significance as her abuser has taken her blazer off her and some of her buttons are undone on her blouse to show that she has been harmed. I don't think we will have any problems asking a Head house within the school to borrow some uniform, so therefore this is one prop we don't have to worry about.

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  1. OMG SO sick but yet so POSSIBLE ewwwwwwwwwww! I only wanted proper rope for a TARZAN SWING FOR GOD :L