Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Scene Breakdown

 1) Black screen slowly fades into girl.

  - The establishing shot will be of the girl waking up in the basement after being abused. She has been left unconscious after being hit in the head.

 2) Flashback

    - The next shot will show the girl getting ready for school in the morning.

    - She will be putting the tie of her school uniform on and doing her hair.

3) Black screen slowly fades into girl.

    - There will be a close-up of the girl's neck and arm which are covered in blood and bruises after being physically abused by her teacher.

4) Flashback

    - We will see the girl walking to school talking on the phone and laughing, showing how she is content.

5) Black screen slowly fades into girl.

    - We then see a high-angle shot of the girl tied in the chair, showing how she is being watched and is vulnerable .

6) Flashback

    - Another shot is shown of the girl who arrives at school, which is her destination.

7) Black screen slowly fades into girl.

   - There is a pan of the girl in the environment she is surrounded by.

   - Her abuser arrives and says "Now, where was I?" in an evil way which makes us assume that he is going to finish where he left off.


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