Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Although the majority of our opening sequence doesn't consist of any dialogue, we do have one line which is said and therefore it is still important to devise a script as this will have an impact on our sequence i.e. it will inform how we construct the clips and establish the precise moment of when we incorporate this speech. It is also important for the cast to know when and how they should deliver their lines. Below is the script that I created:


- Girl is sitting in the chair observing the room of where she's been kidnapped and the situation that she's in.

- She looks around up and down, from left to right.

- There is complete silence which resonates throughout the room.

- The only sound we hear is of the movement of the girl in the chair as she struggles to break free.

- We see two big feet emerge onto the screen which approach the girl,  and suspect that they are male.


"Now, where was I?" is said by Ally in an evil and sinister way. There is a long pause after the word "Now" which creates suspense and heightens tension for the audience.

- The audience get an uneasy feel of something not being right. We assume that somebody very bad is about to ocurr.

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