Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Choosing a Soundtrack

Here are some the soundtracks that we came across. Some of them didn't match our genre, but luckily we found the Halloween Theme Song which did. We felt as though this was the only one which matched our storyline and genre appropriately so therefore concluded that this would soundtrack would be included in our sequence.

Halloween Theme Song:

This is the final soundtrack we've decided to use. We felt as though this was the only one that matched our genre accordingly so will therefore be using this one. Instantly we all liked it and thought it worked well the flashback scenes and the scenes where Megi is tied up in the chair in particular. This is because the music adds to the suspense that something isn't right and therefore builds up tension for the audience.

Thriller Beat:

This is another one we came across. However, it didn't really match our footage as it has a kind of hip-hop/grime beat to it which doesn't match our genre. Although it has a kind of scary feel to it, we decided not to use it because of this factor.

Thriller/Action Film Music:

This one is quite good and has a classical feel to it. However, once again we didn't feel as though it worked well with our film, so therefore we decided not to include it.

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