Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Editing - Day Two

Today we met up again in school to finish editing our sequence. We've managed to put all of the clips in order and all we need to do now is insert the titles and soundtrack. For the first half of the day we researched on Youtube to find appropriate soundtracks to fit our genre. This was initially hard to do at first, because we came across many instrumentals but found that some of them didn't flow with our footage. Eventually, we came across a soundtrack entitled 'Halloween Theme Song' which we felt matched our footage and genre accordingly. We imported the file and played it against our footage and thought that they worked well together. We added the sound first because we could then insert the credits according to the sound.

The next step was to record the line 'Now, where was I?' on Camtasia where we could alter the pitch to make it sound robotic and sinister. However, none of the recordings we took were good enough so therefore Zarah suggested we inserted a 'gasp' sound which we found off Youtube. The gasp would be played when Megi's abuser approached her. I then suggested that we also incorporate a trigger sound and gun shot to show that her abuser has now finished where he left off, which would be the start of the actual film and its story. I also said that the at the end of the gun shot, we should put the name of the film 'Retribution' at that same point. So you would hear the gun shot and the name would instantly appear; you will see this come into effect once the editing is finished.

Finally, we inserted the credits. We kept them to a black background with a white font all in capitals. Some of the text is small whilst the names are bigger to emphasise their importance. Now we have completed our sequence and are very pleased with it! Watch this space for the final uploaded edit! 

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