Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Evaluation - Question 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

I think that the target audience for our film would be teens from 16/18+. This is because people within this age range often watch these type of films with their family or peers because they enjoy the rush of adrenalin and exhilaration. It is a popular trend amongst this age range because friends like to go out and socialize by watching things such as this so that they can inform each other via a word-of-mouth buzz.

Here is a profile for a typical teenager within the age range I have stated who I think would watch our film:

Name: James
Age: 18
Occupation: A Level Student
Future Plans: Wants to go to university and study Animation

I believe that the image above portrays a boy who would watch our film. This is because he appears to be of the same age group as our target audience. His posture is quite bold as he is standing with a firm stance with his arms folded which suggests that he is not afraid to watch our film, which is a psychological thriller, a sub-genre of the Thriller genre. 

He likes horror/thriller movies because he gets an adrenalin rush. From my research, I identifed that the majority of Thriller iconography and conventions consists of blood, knives, fast-paced action, shadows, confined spaces and dark, isolated locations. Therefore I think he would watch our film because all of the above would appeal to him. Stereotypically, boys often like to show off that they can watch and handle films that are extremely gory and intensifying which shows how they want to maintain their reputation and 'strong' image. Our film also contains several scenes of torture and pain inflicted by the disturbed abuser as his way of gaining revenge and retribution, thus it shows how James would be more inclined to watch our film. 

He is currently studying Media Studies, Drama and Product Design for his A-levels. These allow him to be creative and express his emotions freely. By watching our film it will allow James to broaden his perspective on the Thriller genre to gain new, innovative ideas and confidence for his projects.

He likes to listen to soft rock and indie music. A few of his favourite bands are The Script, Green Day, Kings of Leon and Razorlight.

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