Friday, 13 May 2011

Evaluation - Question 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I am fairly familiar with all of the equipment displayed in my collage above as I used the majority of them when creating my music video for A2.
Youtube was useful because our film was uploaded onto there as a way of gaining feedback. Our film was also uploaded onto Vimeo too which served the same purpose, as people could access them both and provide feedback which is essential. I was also able to research into existing opening sequences of other thriller/horror movies such as Saw 3, Panic Room and House of Wax where I could analyse them in order to understand their conventions and apply them onto my own sequence.

The Apple Mac had the software Adobe Premiere installed on it which allowed us to create our film sequence. I've already used Adobe Premiere for when we created our music video, so therefore I was already familiar with most of its features. However, I learnt that inputting titles is very time-consuming as you have to align them in the right position and ensure that they are all of the same size for each title. This was a feature that I wasn't already familiar with on Premiere. I also learnt how to change clips to black and white using the 'monochrome' tool as it enabled me adjust the gradient to show how the clip was a flashback.  

Blogger acted as a diary where I recorded all aspects of planning, reseach, pre-production, post-production and construction. This was beneficial as I could refer back to it if necessary and use it to present my researcha nd findings.

The HD Video Camera (Panasonic SD700) enabled us to record our film sequence to a high quality and allowed us to efficiently convey our narrative by using a variety of shots to show Lucy and how she'd been abused and tortured for the audience. It's lens was especially useful because we could zoom in during certain aspects of the scenes in order to portray Lucy's torture e.g. we did a close-up of Lucy's cuts and bruises adn also were able to film a high angle shot of Lucy to make it seem as though she was being spied on.

My Sony DSC -W50 camera was particulalry useful because I used to take behind-the-scenes pictures of when we shot the actual sequence.
We also used a tripod the camera which we taped to a moving  platform which acted like a dolly. I've learnt that by doing this it enabled us to record a smooth pan showing Lucy and the basement she is trapped in. This creates a flow for the audience and isn't as shaky, unless this is what you're going for.

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